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We are Located about 50 Miles North Of Toronto, Just South of Barrie Ontario
Our hours are Mon.~Thurs., 9:am 6:pm
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26 Years in the Same Location

As of January 1st, We have been in business
for a full 30 years at the same location.
and on the Internet for
21 Years

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Looking for Our Famous
Custom Etched Shot Glasses?
Our glasses are etched, not printed, and nothing will ever wear off...Ever!!

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Until December 24th
Photographs Engraved into 3mm Birch
NO Setup or Photoconversion
Just a Flat rate of $1.20 per sq inch.
5x7" =$42.00 + Shipping & Taxes
8x10" =$96.00 + Shipping & Taxes
>Shipping and taxes will depend on your location<
All we need is a high
resolution .jpg or .tif
'please email us your photo'
We will engrave what you send us. At the size you want.
For the Best results Please read the photo requirements
<<Click here
The better the photo the better the engraving
The Perfect Christmas Gift that will last forever
TwoPaddling HomeJo&I

Clear or Coloured Translucent
Custom and Custom Modified Designs

Cost Range is $15.00 ~ $60.00
And YES ! We can put your photograph on them.
Email us for info on 'your' custom design

  PLEASE NOTE: If you send us a email, and do not receive an answer, look in your spam folder.
We answer ALL emails with-in one business day.
Also, for Anti-SPAM and Security,
 Please make sure you have a recognizable subject on your email.
 Emails with no subject are automatically  Bounced back to the sender
The Answer to the Number One Question?
NO  Our laser will  NOT 
Directly Etch, Cut or Engrave Metal.
If the Metal is Coated, Painted, or Anodized, The Laser 'May' Etch Through The Coating, But it will NOT cut into the metal itself. Stainless Steel Can be Laser Marked, leaving solid black Text or Graphics.
The lasers that cut and engrave metal, will not cut or engrave the materials we use. They are two entirely different types of machines
We do not Etch or Mark
Jewellery of any kind 
Here is a link to our FAQ Page

Below, Are Some of the Other Products Made,
 Engraved or Etched with a Beam of Light!

Photographs in Wood,
Plastic, Glass,
Coated Metals, Granite,
& Ceramic Tile

Black Enameled GLASS

Engraving into Wood

High Detail Wood Engraving

Gun Stocks & Pistol Grips

Leather Engraving,
& Leather Photographs

Etching on Marble

Denim Etching

Name Badges

Memorials for Pets & People

Glass Plates and General Glass Etching

Do You Have A Question?


Industrial Engraving Cutting/Marking


Paddles & Baseball Bats

The maximum bulk size we can fit 'into' the machine, is:
12 inches by 24 inches by 6"
However, we can accommodate narrow longer items such as Paddles & Baseball Bats.

Please Note: All Text and photos on the LaserCraft website, are copyright protected
(c) 1989 & Beyond,  TechniSoft Printing & Promotional
Stainless Steel
Wooden KeyTag Custom Keytags
Shaped & Engraved KeyTags, From Wood or Acrylic.
Clear and Transparent Acrylics are  usually Reverse Engraved to allow the logos to show through from the back
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Need More Information?
Click here to see our Shot Glasses
Click Here to See What Our Customers Have to Say About Our ShotGlasses
Shot Glass Wedding Favours are a 'Big Favourite'

Wedding ShotGlasses are one of our best selling items. Our ShotGlasses are Custom Laser Etched to your specifications. We Etch THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Our High Quality Shot Glasses every year, for one of the lowest prices in North America.
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'Special' Plaques & Awards
The Addition of  white lexan, shaded and embedded into the wood makes our  'One of a Kind' Custom Plaques & Awards a little different from the 'run of the mill' awards and recognition's.
The laser can cut just about any addition to the plaque, and embed it so it sits just above the surface. The text can be lasered into the wood, or engraved into a plate that will also be embedded into the surface.
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Line Art and Photo Engravings on Mirrors are absolutely stunning when mounted in a frame. The one at the left has a metallic foil background showing through the 'Reverse' lasered sections of the mirror.
For more Photo Engravings

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Customer Supplied Boxes
Custom Engraving on tool boxes! or Craft Projects.
The Dragon shown, is about 10 inches high, by about 18 inches long & Colour filled
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Lasered 8.5 x 5.5 inch Laminate Indoor Signs

Lasered 8.5 x 5.5 inch Laminate Indoor Signs
Click Pic For Larger View
These signs were created for fun, Some are customers ideas, some are just 'web findings'
For our Larger or more Specific Plastic Engraved Signage, Photographs & Prices ?
Please Click here

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Cut And Engraved Products Shape Cutting
The Laser can Cut and/or Engrave just about 
Any Shape Needed. (Return to top)
Brothers Laser Etched Photo
Photos in Wood

Raw Broken edge Black Granite
Photo on Ceramic Tile
Engrave Glass Plate


Click Here for More Information on Laser Photos
Photographs into Wood, Plastic, Coated  or Regular Glass, & Coated Metals Photos, such as the ones on the left, can be lasered into many  materials. The pieces shown were lasered into 3mm Baltic Birch, sanded, white Poplar Ply. & Maple.
We also
laser photos  into 8"x10" 3/4" Maple Plaques, and Birch Ply, Black Anodized Aluminum, Leather, Many colours of Plastic Laminate, as well as  Marble, Granite, Stainless Steel, Glass  and Ceramic Tiles.
And, of Course, Our very popular
Black GLASS Photo Plates
For more Photo Engravings

< Polished Face, Large fleck, Rough Broken Edged Granite

< Ceramic Wall Tile

Glass can also be Etched with a photograph, however because glass has no contrast, it must be against a darker background to really appreciate the pictures. We have perfected the art of laser etching amazing detail onto glass, as shown in the Lizard Vase on the left. This is wonderful for plates, vase memorials and frameable glass portraits

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The MoonScape on the Left Was Laser Engraved into 'Black' Reverse, Translucent  Acrylic Plastic. Lit from behind, by daylight, or artificial lighting, this type of photograph looks outstanding (Return to top)
Wood Relief Carving
This is the most 'Stolen' Image from our website.
If you see it on another site, it means they neither have the skill
or the technical abilty to make it themselves.
Which also means they have neither the skill or technical ability
to do work for you or anyone else.
Thieves don't produce. They Steal the work of others.
Don't let them steal from you!
Engraving into Wood
This technique can create a 'stand alone' engraving, or incorporate it into another finished piece. As long as the piece you want to have the engraving cut into, will fit with-in the 12"x 24" limits of our laser cabinet,
The engraving depth with a single pass into pine is about is about 1 mm, and costs is $1.40 per sq. inch per pass, including setup. The over all size of the Laser Engraved Image on the left measures 4" x 6" and the engraving depth is 1mm or 1/32" (Return to top)
Aztec Calendar High Detail Etching
The laser beam, being very, hot, and very tiny, is capable of incredible detail. This was etched into pine at 300 dpi to 1mm depth, actual size of the engraving is 6.75 inches Dia.
Cost to engrave this into customer supplied wood at the same size, is $50.00 Incl. Setup.
=1.40 per. Sq. Inch
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Rifle Grip
Rifle Forestock
Ruger Grips
Gun Stocks Left, is a pattern I used to carve the Grips of an old Cooey.22 rifle, and the same pattern was repeated in a 7.25 x 1.25 long oval on the forestock. This really dressed the old gun up!
(Please do not send us your guns, or gun parts without contacting us first...

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For More Info
Click Below
Gun Facts. Your guide to debunking popular Gun Control Myths

Laser Engraved, colour filled, Oak Buckle
Buckle Hardware
Custom Belt Buckles Custom Oak Belt Buckles. These Buckles are made from two pieces of 1/4 inch solid oak, cut to shape with the laser, laminated together using several tons of hydraulic pressure (this prevents the wood from breaking even under the heaviest of strain) The buckles are then hand sanded,  and shaped. They are then laser engraved with the design  of your choice. The engraving  can be colour filled black for contrast, or left natural (your choice). The buckle is then finished to a high gloss . The Cost: $45.00 (Canadian) per Buckle + S&H (s&h amount is dependent on your location) These buckles are Approx. 3 1/2" x 2 1/4 " and Approx. 1/2" thick. All Hardware is chromed, and fits a 1 1/4" to 1 3/4" Belt.
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Branded Leather


Need Something Branded into Leather? The Laser gives outstanding results and incredible detail
The maximum size we can fit into the machine, is
12inches by 24 inches
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See MORE Photographs here
Leather Photographs
Leather accepts most artwork and photographs beautifully. Artwork or photographs etched into leather can be mounted on a plaque to enhance an award, or simply framed for display. Any piece of tack, or leather object that has a relatively flat surface, that will fit into the laser cabinet (12"x 24"x 6")., Can usually be etched successfully.
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12x12 Marble

Polished Granite or Marble
On the left is polished 'Emperador Lite' Marble. The colour is a Medium Brown, and it etches beautifully. When the laser strikes Marble, any colour, it turns white. C
ombining this with the natural marbling of the stone, at 600 dpi, photographs 'look' like photographs, not newspaper halftones.  If it looks this good on 'brown' imagine what it would look like on 'jet black' Marble. or Absolute black Granite.
All Text is etched at 400 dpi, and all photos at 600 dpi.
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Engraved and cut control panels from your CAD or coreldraw files up to 12 x 24 inches per panel.
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Iron on Denim Patches or Direct Laser etching
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Photos and Artwork can be etched into Anodized Aluminum with incredible detail. Providing of course, that the original artwork or photograph 'has' incredible detail..
(Artwork Specifications)
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Our Name Badges
  Laser Engraved Picture Badge
See More of them here> Name Badges.
(The logos and graphics are much sharper than screen printing, hot stamping or even normal old fashion engraving)
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Below, are some More of the Amazing things
A Laser Can do
Hardwood! Not just for Floors anymore!
Hardwood Memorial
  Average engraving is 7.5 inches x 3 inches, and the average box of hardwood flooring can allow 40 - 50 individual dedications (for as little as $24.00 each + wood) When engraved, trimmed, and mounted,
A Wall of Beautiful Hardwood Can Create an Impressive & Lasting Memorial! (Return to top)
(Talk to us, We can help you with your project)
Pet Memorial on 8" x 8"  Standard Floor TileMarble, Stone, & Ceramic Pet Memorials
A Lasting Remembrance of your Special Friend! The Tile on the Left is a standard 8 x 8 ceramic floor tile. Floor tiles are very hard, and require a 'lot' of power to laser etch in great detail. They will never fade, and when properly embedded into concrete, they will never break. 

Wood, as in the centre one, is ideal for inside display, and Black Granite (bottom) is impervious to weather, and ideal for outside locations

Black Granite
Click Below For More
Memorials For Pets and People

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'Special Projects'
Are You a Carpenter or Craftsman
Leave your Mark on the project itself, bring in a piece for
Custom Engraving or Dedication or Have some Custom Medallions
made to insert into your projects
1/8" x 3/4" Wooden Medallions

We can fit anything up to a size of 12" x 24" into the laser.
Bring in any part of your project within this size limitation, and We can Laser Engrave the Wood with Any design, typeface, size that you wish! We can even Scan your own artwork into the computer, and port it to the Laser.

Are you A Taxidermist?
We can engrave any mounting or 'story' plaque up to 12 x 24 "
or custom etch black/gold or black/silver, or even wooden plates
to identify your mounting

Looking for a Custom Award Plaque?
We are also a dealer for Elite Awards
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Glass Laser Etching? No Problem
Commemorative Plates ;=) Need a 'one off' Custom Commemorative Plate ;-)
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Glass Most Glass can be Laser Etched. Although very thin leaded glass may pose a danger of breaking. The intense, very localized, heat  of the laser beam, will cause the 'glass' to expand at a different rate than the 'lead'. This can sometimes lead to cracking or chipping. But ordinary 'dollar store' glass (as shown on the left) laser etches just fine
('Leaf ' containers are not for sale, this was etched as an example only)
But we 'can' put YOUR Hockey Club Logo on one, or a Hundred of your supplied similar sized pieces!
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Clock Custom
Poplar/Walnut or Stained Rosewood Clocks Engraved with your Club, or Corporate Logo
For as little as $30.00 Ea.
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(Logos Used on this website are for example only and do not constitute endorsement by the logo owner.)

Click here for laser file requirements, and specifications

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